Swarms Happen...We've got people who can help


Removing a simple bee swarm for free

Beekeepers use the term swarm when a queen and a colony of bees leave their existing home to find a new home. The queen will often land somewhere to rest nearby. The bees cluster around her to protect her as other bees fly off to find potential new homes. This is a temporary situation. Depending on the weather, the queen and the bees will move on to a new home within a day or two.


Before you call, please have the following information:

  • How long has the swarm been at this location?
  • What is the exact address of the property where the swarm is located?
  • How high off the ground is the swarm?
  • Is the swarm in a structure or on a tree, bush, fence etc.?
  • What size is it? Softball? Cantaloupe? Football? Basketball?
  • Is there a phone number where you can be reached?
  • Can you take a photo of the swarm as close-up as you feel comfortable?

Removing bees that are living inside the walls of a structure

Bees that are living inside a structure often require construction work to remove them and prevent them from returning to the space, so a fee is usually charged for this kind of removal service. The following beekeepers are available for these more complicated removals. 

Georgia Bee Removal