The Constitution and By-laws Of Tri-county Beekeepers


I. ​Name

The name of this organization shall be: “Tri-County Beekeepers.”

II. Objectives

Tri-County Beekeepers is a nonprofit organization striving to support the beekeepers in Hall, Jackson, and Banks Counties. Support includes the best methods and treatments to solve most beekeeping problems. Educating members and the general public of GOOD BEEKEEPING PRATICES will enhance the beekeeping industry. Provide a forum including: Lecture series presented by intermediate and expert beekeepers, field trips and encourage participation in local and State meetings. Members, Officers or Advisory Board members shall not benefit directly from Tri-County Beekeepers assets. Assets of Tri-County Beekeepers will be donated to charity when the organization is terminated.

III. Members

Anyone interested in beekeeping or the beekeeping industry may join Tri-County Beekeepers by paying the regular dues. An active member shall have the right to attend all meetings and vote. Dues will be $15 per year and are payable via check, cash, or pay-pal, Dues received after October 1 apply to the following year. Dues will be due by the first meeting in March.

IV. Officers

The officers of Tri-County Beekeepers will be: President, Vice President, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Treasurer, and Three Member Advisory Board. All officers will be elected by a majority vote of the members present at the November meeting for a two-year term, beginning the next calendar year.  No person shall be elected for any office without his or her consent.

V. Meetings

There shall be one meeting per month held on the Second Monday at 7:00 PM. unless announced otherwise. Efforts should be made to keep the Meetings to 90 minutes.

  • The order of business for all meetings of the Club, unless changed by a majority vote of

members present, shall be as follows:

· Call to order by the president or designee

· Recognize guests and visitors

· Program

· Reading and approval of the minutes from the previous meeting

· Reading of the financial report

· Discussion of old business

· Discussion of new business

· Members discuss immediate beekeeping concerns

· Adjournment

  • In parliamentary matters, Roberts Rules of Order, Revised shall be used in all cases where applicable, subject to the BY-LAWS of the Club.

VI. Committee

Committees shall be appointed by the president, consisting of a minimum of three members whose duty shall be to serve as directed by the president. Committees will function as a unit presided over only by the chairman.

VII. Duties of Officers

  • The President shall preside at all meetings of the association. The office shall appoint committees as necessary, and fill vacancies of any officer.
    • The President or their designee will attend the spring and fall membership meetings hosted by the Georgia Beekeepers Association and the Tri-County Beekeepers will fund the registration fee.
  • The Vice-President shall conduct Tri-County Beekeepers business in the absence of the President as needed
  • The Secretary shall keep attendance; maintain the membership list, and minutes of each business meeting
  • The Secretary and Treasurer in a cooperative manner shall keep attendance, maintain the membership list, collect annual dues, and notify all who are delinquent
  • Treasurer: This officer shall be custodian of all monies received by Tri-County Beekeepers and keep accurate records showing the receipts and disbursements of all monies. The treasurer shall open and maintain a checking account. This officer will deliver all records of the Association to his/her successor
  • Web Master: Shall create and maintain the Tri-County Beekeepers web site. The Web-master shall keep the club website up-to-date with the Association’s current news and business.
  • Advisory Board: Will aid the President in conducting Tri-County Beekeepers business on request.

VIII. Acceptance

This constitution and By-Laws were read and adopted by a unanimous vote of all members’ presents at a regular meeting Monday June 16, 2014 at:

Gillsville Baptist Church Fellowship Hall                                                                                                            

2595 Hwy. 323

Gillsville, GA 30543